The In-Person Interview

The In-Person Interview

Now that many companies are returning to business as usual, the likelihood of being asked to participate in an in-person interview at some point in the hiring process is a very real one. While many are still performing initial meetings via web or phone calls, unless a person is applying for a job from out of state, at some point, the hiring managers will want to meet their better prospects one on one. This means brushing up on interview skills that may have gotten rusty during years of social distancing.


Get your head in the game by being prepared in advance.




There is no excuse not to be up to date on the company that you are trying to get hired by. Even a cursory internet search will give you insight into the major players, who runs the department you are interested in, and the company's history. Take it a step further and see if there has been anything covered by news outlets that you might bring up to establish your familiarity with the current climate of the business. The research will also help you develop insights that will give you talking points during the interview. It also never hurts to know who the person (or people) will be so that you can do a bit of research on them, too. Nothing invasive, obviously, but enough to demonstrate your preparedness and commitment.




Whether practicing in front of the mirror or drilling interviews with friends and family, this is a valuable exercise to prepare you to give a relaxed, smooth interview. There are plenty of interview questions online to outline where to begin, but having another person familiar with the business or company you are pursuing throw relevant questions off the cuff is a great way to get yourself ready for the real thing. This also includes a discussion of your personal life and outside interests, such as hobbies and charities you might engage in. Be aware of what is relevant and appropriate before you sit down with the people in charge of hiring you, and then be prepared to answer questions about THAT. 


Dress for Success


This seems so simple, you think. Just wear what you have always worn to interviews, right? But consider that most of us have not worn that outfit in 2 years, these may no longer be the clothes that are right to make the best impression. As so many have drastically altered lifestyles due to the stay-at-home orders, those clothes may not even fit anymore! So do yourself a favor and pick an outfit the week before the interview, if possible. When contemplating even applying for a new job, look at and try on your interview clothes. Ask a person you trust to give you an honest opinion about fit and style. You don't have to be a fashion plate or spend a lot of money, but the clothes should be clean, classic and fit well. They should also be appropriate to the job you are looking to secure, so in that respect, know the business's culture and dress accordingly. 


Any questions? Hopefully, yes!


Always come up with a list of questions to ask before the interview. Chances are good that many of them will be answered during the interview, but hopefully, all that research you have done will be enough to give you at least one good query to prove your interest and intellect!