Importance of a Cover Letter for an Entry Level Position

Importance of a Cover Letter for an Entry Level Position

Writing a great entry-level cover letter is an excellent way for recent college graduates to stand out when applying for positions without much experience.  An entry-letter cover letter is a document added to your career portfolio that introduces you, describes your skillset and education, and gives you a chance to illustrate why you are the right applicant for the job.  The cover letter is submitted along with your resume to hiring managers.  It’s usually the first thing read, making this letter your opportunity to make a favorable first impression.  Here are some guidelines to keep in mind when writing your entry-level cover letter.


§  Keep it professional


This is not the time to break out the Baskerville Old face font and specialty borders.  This is your first contact, you have no experience, and the most you can offer with this entry-level cover letter is a document that is well-written, concise, and interesting enough in content to warrant a deeper glance at the attached resume.  With any luck, the cover letter will encourage the hiring manager or committee to interview you.


§  State your interest


Begin your letter by introducing yourself and explaining why you want to work for this particular company.  Each cover letter should be crafted for the specific job and company you are applying for.  Research shows that you are interested in this job, not merely A job.  This is also the time to mention how you heard of the open position.  If a person with the company or for the company recommends you apply, this is the time to mention it.  You should also say whether you are responding to an ad, a networking site, or an employment agency. 


§  Specify your knowledge and skillset


For an entry-level cover letter, this portion is significant.  When you have no experience, you need to impress prospective employers with the skills and qualifications you bring to the company.  Use the job description as an outline for the assets you will provide.  If their ad calls for someone who is willing to learn new things, you can say directly that that is what you are looking for in a new position. 


§  Sell yourself


Begin by describing what appealed to you about this company.   Here is where you reiterate why you think you are a good fit and what you can bring to the table if hired.  Use specifics about the company to hammer home what you admire about it and how ideals are in line with the company.  Don’t be arrogant, be sure of your worth.