To Mask or Not to Mask

The news is loaded with stories about masks.  Businesses are deciding whether to require masks in the office.  Schools are struggling with the question of mask mandates for students and teachers, and some state governments are banning any sort of mask mandates.

Whether masks are mandated or not, the question of whether you should wear a mask or not comes down to personal choice.  Even if your employer or state does not require you to wear a mask in the office, it is up to you to decide if you are going to wear one anyway.

It is important to remember that ordinary face coverings will not stop you from getting sick.  The facial covering is meant to stop you from getting others sick.  The exception to this is the N95 mask. The reason that facial coverings are being recommended is that there are a percentage of COVID cases that do not have any symptoms, however, even if a person has no symptoms, they can still spread the virus to others. 

While vaccines are largely effective against all current variants, the number of breakthrough cases, someone contracting COVID even after being fully vaccinated, is on the rise.  The good news is that even if you contract COVID after getting the vaccine, the odds are over 90% that you will have a mild case or even have no symptoms at all.

The reason that masks are being recommended is that it has been found that people who have been vaccinated and come down with the delta variant of COVID can still spread the virus to others, even if there are no symptoms.

If you are going on an interview in an office, you should wear a mask if it would make you more comfortable to do so.  If you are vaccinated and choose not to wear a mask, we would recommend that you still bring a mask with you in case you are requested to wear one while inside.

As with anything else you wear to an interview, make sure the mask is appropriate for an office.  If the mask has a picture, pattern, logo, or message on it that you would not otherwise wear on an interview, then you should not wear it.  It is best to stick with a solid or a simple design or pattern.  Much like a tie, shoes, or a purse, a mask is an opportunity to accessorize your interview outfit and make an impression.

In a recent blog post, we mentioned that the number one reason a resume was turned down was the use of an unprofessional email address.  Don’t do all the work to get through to the interview just to blow it on an unprofessional mask.