The Essex Companies - A Part of New York City Employment History

New York City's economy is a microcosm of the economy of the United States. Financial experts often use New York City's employment trends as a gauge as to how the whole country is doing.

The Essex Companies Started in 1966

Since 1966, the Essex Companies has been a big part of providing the country's most important local economy with qualified, determined individuals. We have become a trusted partner with many businesses throughout the area connecting them with prospective employees who have the potential to bring any of these companies to new levels of success.

At The Essex Companies, we have seen everything that New York City, the local economy, and the national landscape has gone through. We have been through some of the toughest times in this city. Other recruitment firms have had to shut their doors to economic pressures or the proliferation of online services. The Essex Companies is still here serving our corporate clients and the job seekers who depend on us.

We are here because we deal with corporate clients and job seekers with honesty and integrity. We understand what it takes to run a service-oriented business. 

The Essex Companies has seen it all!

The Essex Companies was founded in 1966, the year the Brooklyn Navy Yard was decommissioned. In 1966, people were leaving the city heading to the ever-expanding suburbs looking for a better life for their families. This exodus continued throughout the sixties and seventies. The country deeply involved in Vietnam, and it was the time of the hippy generation. It was also a time of expansion and exploration. The United States was working to meet the challenge laid down by President John F. Kennedy to land a man on the moon and return him safely to the Earth by the end of the sixties.

When The Essex Companies opened its doors, we knew that how we comport ourselves during the tough times was what was going to define us. We built meaningful corporate and personal relationships. We also helped to change the landscape of employment by introducing cutting-edge ideas such as our Temp-To-Perm program. Successful programs and out-of-the-box thinking revolutionized the hiring across New York City, and eventually, the country.

We have an ongoing commitment to all of our clients and applicants!

Such is our commitment to serving our purpose that we maintain that standard of excellence into the new Millennium. With the advent of modern technology, we evolve to perform our roles better. This adaptation, in no way, effects our commitment and efficiency. Our four decades plus in the staffing industry has allowed us to fine-tune our recruitment processes so that we can offer you the most suitable applicant for your specific needs. 

We have an applicant database of over 400,000 candidates and access to various networks, online recruiting tools, and other resources. We screen potential candidates through a multi-level process, including appropriate testing when necessary, and sophisticated interviewing techniques to assess their skills, knowledge, and work background. 

All of this shows why, after all this time, The Essex Companies is still going strong. We will continue to be a force in the local New York City economy and employment landscape for years to come.