Preparing for an Interview

Job Interview

Getting back into the job market takes some preparation.  To be effective and attractive to prospective employers, you must have many different tools in your toolbox to show the world you are here and you are serious.


With the current job market, there are plenty of jobs out there to be had, but there are also many people who had been laid off or furloughed due to COVID so the competition for open positions can be fierce.  Here are some things you can do to rise over the competition.


Learn to be a persuasive speaker.


Successful salespeople are the ones that can speak effectively and persuasively.  While you are looking for a new job or career, you are essentially a salesperson with one major product to sell.  You are selling yourself.  Being an effective speaker also helps you become a better communicator, leading to creating better cover letters.  Being an effective speaker will boost your confidence, help you in your interviews and even help you negotiate for better salary and benefits.


Work your Linked In.


Reconnecting with references is an essential step in your job search.  When you reconnect, you inform people with a network of contacts what your intentions and goals are, which can lead to the all-important “I know a guy” connection.  Even if your references do not have an immediate referral, they now know what you are looking for, and they will keep you in mind.  It is also an excellent opportunity for you to ask for recommendations on Linked In.


Resumes and Business Cards are still important.


We have talked about all the ways you have to get out into the world, including digital resumes and blogs.  While you should take full advantage of the digital world, it is still essential to be prepared in the physical world.  A traditional resume is as important now as it has ever been.  Your resume, along with your persuasive cover letter, will leave a lasting impression.


While you are getting your resume printed, consider creating business cards for yourself that are easy to hand out and attach to resumes as you send them to potential employers.  A well-designed business card can leave as strong of an impression as an interview can.  Keep the design clean and professional.  Refrain from too much personalization.  Different colors, crazy hard-to-read fonts, and non-professional pictures or headshots can work against you.




Speaking of headshots, get new, updated pictures.  If the last time you had a picture done was when you graduated college or years ago before your previous job search, it is time to get new photos.




If you work in a technical field, it is vital to get up to speed on where your industry is at the moment.  If you were at a job for a while, you might have fallen behind if your old company didn’t remain on the cutting edge of new technology.  The worst thing is to appear out of date in your field.  Other books you should read are books on leadership, motivation, and professional development.  These books help build your confidence and give you the tools you need to succeed in a corporate environment of any size.


When your job interviews are in person or over video, being prepared is key to landing the perfect position.  Being appropriately dressed for an interview only goes so far.  Hiring a new person is always a risk for a business. Your job is to do whatever you can to let employers know that you are worth it.