Not Everyone Can Work From Home

New York Got Hit Hard

The coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant issues in the job market in New York and all over the country.  New York was struck by the coronavirus and by the number of people who were laid off or furloughed.

The Age of The Essential Worker

A phrase that has become popular is “essential workers.”  Essential workers are those that have been able to or had to keep going to work regardless of how severe the pandemic was at any giving time.  Essential workers ranged from the doctors, nurses, and other hospital workers who were caring for the sick, to the police officers, firefighters, EMT workers, and other first responders that we so often see at their post through good time and bad.  

Other workers, such as grocery and other retail workers, are also considered essential.  Plumbers, electricians, trades are also critical to keeping our cities and town running.  The state might have been “on pause,” but certain types of work had to keep getting done without the benefit of being able to maintain social distancing and work from the safety of your home.

With so many people looking for work in an extremely tight job market, The Essex Companies becomes more important than ever.

We have been around since 1966, and we have seen it all.  We are receiving resumes every day from people who are looking for work. Many people are looking to stay within their field, but some are people who will take whatever is available.  With since an influx of resumes, how can you know who is the right person for your open position?  You can spend hours upon hours reading resumes and even talking to people.  You will probably not get any closer to making a decision.  Even if you are a human resources manager or a hiring manager, if you do not speak with people every day, it does become challenging to get a gauge as to who is the right fit for your open position.

The Essex Companies Has Access to a Large Number of Candidates, So we Can Find the Right Person for Your Company

Since we speak to so many people, we get an excellent feel for who is the right person for you.  We will be the first line of defense.  We will perform the initial interviews, and even test people out to make sure they have what it takes to do the job right.  Since we have long-standing relationships with so many of our clients, we also get a good feel for who would be a good fit for your company’s culture.  Even if a person is technically perfect for a job if they are not a good fit for your specific company, then you can wind up wasting time and money on intake and training just for the new relationship to fail rather quickly.

When you work with The Essex Companies, you are working with professional recruiters who are incredibly skilled at the art of the first interview.  The first interview is so critical since you can tell so much about a person.  Often, when we speak to a person, they might not even realize they are being considered for a specific position.  They are more comfortable.  People tend to open up more to our recruiters.  They talk about what they are looking for and the type of job they would consider.  When people interview with us, they are less apt to say what they think an interviewer at a specific company would want to hear and be more honest about what they want.  With this information, when we send a candidate over to your company, you can rest assured that they have been vetted and are a viable option for your open position.

Working With The Essex Companies Make the Process of Hiring Much Easier

One of the most difficult steps has been removed from the process for you by our professional recruiters.  There are more people looking for work right now than there has been in New York for a long time.  With so many people looking for work, any open position is going to attract far more people than usual.  Let The Essex Companies help you wade through the ocean of resumes and narrow down your possibilities to those that are serious contenders.