Blogging to Get Noticed

Writing a Blog

The question of if a resume is still a relevant job search tool comes up time and again.  It is quite incredible that such a low-tech tool can be so important in a high-tech world.  The truth is that your resume is still a vital part of letting potential employers know who you are what your history is.   That doesn’t mean that you cannot utilize technology to enhance your chances of being noticed.  We discussed the importance of having a brand to stand out from the crowd.  We have also discussed how some people choose to have a website for themselves that can relay more information that a resume can.


A Blog Can Set You Apart


Another tool that many people have been using to set themselves apart is a blog.  We are firm believers in the benefits of a blog.  A blog keeps your online presence up-to-date and it gives people a reason to return to your website.

Having a personal blog can enhance your online presence, give your resume another boost, and it can solidify that brand that you are trying to build for yourself.


If you choose to start a professional blog, it is important to remain on task and keep your blog professional.  Since your blog is yours, you will undoubtedly add your own style and flair, but the overall tone and purpose of the blog should remain professional and on point.  It is also important to be consistent with your blog.  If you do not have a blog, then it will not be missed, but if you do have a blog and a potential employer finds it and sees that it has not been updated in several months, then the blog, which could have bolstered your standings with the potential employer can work against you.


Be Seen as a Leader in Your Field


A blog has many benefits to a potential employee.  A blog shows that you are invested in your industry and you are not only keeping up to date, but you are confident enough in your knowledge to be a resource for others in your industry.  You will be seen as someone who is part of the community, and if your blog is successful, you can even be seen as a leader in your field.


A blog not only shows that you are well informed, it shows that you are capable of communicating your ideas in a clear and professional manner.  A blog shows that you have an opinion on important matters related to your field and that you are decisive when it comes to different issues.


In some areas, blogs are so commonplace that a potential employer might have a concern if you do not have a blog.  It could be a sign that you do not have anything to say, or you are unable or unwilling to communicate effectively.

While many people are using a blog as a replacement for a resume, having the resume is still a vital aspect of a job search.  It is expected that your resume is kept up to date and that proper cover letters are provided.  Your blog, website, and online presence is a part of the overall picture.  The blog is still the part that most potential employers will see first and it is still the best tool to get the attention on a hiring manager.


A Blog Boosts Your Online Presence and can Supplement Your Resume


Looking for a new position can be a time-consuming affair.  Resumes and cover letters might should be personalized for each potential position.  In the past, once the resume is submitted, the process was out of your hands.  This is no longer the case.  You still have a website to maintain and blog to write.  Many industries see themselves as a community, and if you want to be taken seriously, you must be part of that community.  A personal and professional blog is the best way to do that.