4 Reasons to Start Looking for a New Job

There can be many reasons to look for a new job while you are already employed. Unless you are happy and fulfilled in the position you currently fill, there will always be reasons to think about looking elsewhere. Everyone has bad days at work or disagreements with coworkers. That doesn't necessarily mean the job or the company that signs your paycheck is a poor fit. How do you know when it is time to begin that new job search?


Your company is not meeting your financial needs.


The number one reason people look for a new job is better pay. Your situation might have changed. You might have had a child or decided it was time to move your family into a new home. It could just be that after so long, you feel compensation should be better for the work you are doing. If your current employer is unable or unwilling to pay what you consider to be reasonable, it is time to look elsewhere.


You hate every minute of every day spent at work.


Hating your job should be a deal-breaker. We spend most of our lives in the workplace. If you are miserable at your job, that unhappiness finds its way into other parts of your life. You will be unhappy at home as well. You are not going to love your job all of the time. Having a bad day and hating your job are two distinct things. If you cannot find even a silver lining or two, you need to look in a new direction. Life is short. There is no reason to hate a significant portion of it.


You are philosophically opposed to how the company operates or what it stands for.


There is any number of reasons why you might not like how the leadership of your company runs the business. They might not spend enough time with training, or their corporate culture might not be one that you appreciate. There are management decisions that can directly affect you. If you do not like those choices, it is your right to go out there and look for a new position where management decisions are more in line with your expectations.


In today's political environment, company leadership often feels they need to weigh into political discussions. As an employee of the company, those statements might not sit right with you. If you have a position where you are dealing with others, they might take their displeasure out on you as an employee. It is not a position you asked for, especially if you do not agree with the company’s statement.


Some people don't care what the company positions are. They are there to do a job and collect a paycheck. Agreement with management on political issues is not necessary. For some, it is a must. 


You can no longer perform the job effectively.


What we are capable of doing on a day to day basis changes over time. Maybe age has made it harder to perform the physical aspects of your job. Your eyesight might falter, and muscles weaken. Even though you can do the job, you might not want to put your body through the stress any longer. Age doesn't mean that you are incapable of using your experience and education to work. It can mean going in a different direction. 


This is where a team of employment experts can really help. We can objectively look at the job seekers, discern what your capabilities are, and match you with suitable employers based on your needs. 


You might be looking for more responsibility. Perhaps you want to have more control over the hours you work and how many hours you have to commit to work every week. You might be looking to make a change in position or even want to start in a new line of work.


Knowledge of an industry may mean that you can hold more than one position within that industry. You can even use that experience in a similar but different industry.


Clearly there are more reasons than these to decide to leave one job in favor of another. No matter the motivation consulting the recruiters at The Essex Companies is the right first step. We can help you find the correct position and even help you to avoid the type of circumstances that led you to us in the first place.